Residential Projects

 Our step by step installation process

1. Property preparation. Mobile Disposal Trailer and Tarps

We do not use massive construction bins which tend to scratch or crack your driveway. Instead, we have a mobile trailer on wheels or 12-15 yard bins that are always placed on wooden planks to save your driveway.

We also set up tarps.

2. Removal of an Old Roof

We strip your old roof into the trailer and we stress test your plywood/shiplap underneath.

If we find any soft spots on the roof we will come down and show them to you and will replace them at your discretion.

Our roofers are trained to take pictures and discuss them with homeowners if any of these factors occur.

3. Drip Edge

Your current roof most likely does not have a drip edge(very common for the roofs installed 15+ years ago), which can and will lead to wood rot at the leading edge of the roof in the future.

On our jobs, we install drip edge every time. 3-inch piece of metal flashing that goes on the leading edge of your roof.

4. Synthetic Underlayment

We no longer use tar paper, we use synthetic underlayment for your second layer of “defence”.

It covers the entire area of the roof. Synthetic underlayment is more durable, safer to use and lighter than felt, but the main factor is that it doesn’t absorb moisture!

5. All vents and accessories replaced

We will replace:

  • Attic vents that will keep air flow in the attic.
  • Goosenecks (bathroom and kitchen fans)
  • Collar around the plumbing pipe
  • Other accessories if needed

6. Metal Valley

From our experience, open metal valleys seem to perform better for 2 main reasons. With less friction on steel than on a shingle, snow, ice and heavy rain will shed quicker out of an open metal valley, leaving less chance of a leak.

Secondly, the metal valley will prolong the life of the section of the roof and will wear off equally with the rest of the shingles (not the case with closed valleys).

7. Shingles

IKO Cambridge is our to-go shingle. because it has a built-in algae resistance component and performs exceptional durability with its fibreglass matt.

We install 6 nails per shingle, which brings your wind warranty to 210km/h.

30-year manufacturer’s warranty for material, and 5-year workmanship warranty from us on top.

8. Clean Up

We leaf blow your roof from any excess granules. Then, we hand clean all your gutters for you.

Finally, we roll the tarps and go around a couple of times with an industrial size magnet to make sure if any nails or staples missed the tarps they get picked up.

9. Payments

Dignity Roofing has a half down policy, meaning prior to the commencement of any work, half of the entire estimate is due upfront.

The remainder of the sum is due upon completion. We accept Checks, E-transfers, Credit Cards or Cash.