About Us

The inner feeling of security and comfort of all family members in the house depends on the absence of problems with the home. Here at Dignity Roofing, we understand the importance of a good quality roof.

Dignity Roofing & Exteriors is a young, but rapidly growing roofing company with huge ambitions.

Here, at Dignity Roofing we focus on delivering quality installs. Our quality control, organization skills, and customer service allow us to maximize customers satisfaction.

2021 was our first year in business and it was fantastic! We’ve completed our first project in the end of April and haven’t slowed down since. Overall, our company has completed 68 roofing projects in 2021.
Furthermore, we were awarded 3rd place in “Best Roofing Companies in Richmond, BC” contest by ThreeBestRated. We are extremely proud of these accomplishments as it takes some roofing companies years to get to this.
However, our biggest accomplishment was the fact that we managed to finish the year with zero bad reviews! We work hard to make sure each and every single one of our customers is satisfied before, after and during our installations.
2021 was a great year, but our ambitions lay way further and we are looking to become the largest roofing company in the province by carefully listening and providing excellent service to each and every single one of our customers!

Our queue for spring installs is feeling up quick! Take advantage of our “early bird” promotions and reserve your spot for the spring! Time is ticking!

Our Strengths

  • Top 3 roofing companies in Richmond, BC
  • High quality
  • Efficiency and quick project completion
  • Affordability
  • Great customer service
  • Up-to-date industry technology and knowledge